Read and Earn Mall is a company that hailed from the western part of Africa, Nigeria to be precise and gradually spreading all over the world.

Read and Earn Mall is an E-COMMERCE Platform like Amazon, Jumia, Ali-baba, Konga, and the rest of them that you might have heard about.

However, in addition to traditional E-commerce, what is e-commerce...? If I may ask?

It means the availability of online shopping mall, making buying and selling easier, even at the comfort of your mobile devices.

With Read and Earn mall+ marketers can display and transact their pro business with consumers.

How It Work

When you register with "Read and Earn Mall+" You are given a ticket of business partnership which enables you earn and discounts from every retail transactions made directly. That is; You'll have access to their physical mall where you can buy in a discounted rate

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